Back on Bloggs again!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Tue 27 Mar 2007 13:51
Position; 08:26.560S 35:10.966E

18km from a small town in Tanzanian Southern Highlands called Mafinga.

Yes back on bloggs again....had a wonderful time out solo on the trip from Arusha to Iringa. You should be able to read all about it on the latest newsletter, due out tomorrow.

Cycled 103km today. A new experience, as I cycled with my girlfriend Ruth who arrived from London on saturday the 24th.

I promised that I would cycle with her the whole day today, and we did that, finishing at 2 30pm. It was a long cycle for her so we went slowly with the sole objective to get to camp in one piece and not so tired that she wouldn't be able to cycle tomorrow.

Roads were tar and pretty good condition the whole way...want a dramatic change from last week!

After a steep decline off the Iringa plateau (1500m) we had three fairly long hills to climb today. But other than them the road was gentle rolling hills in tea plantation country, which then changed to large Pine and eucalyptist forests.

Tomorrow we continue our journey towards Mbeya, and then Lake Nyasa (Malawi)

Thata all for today, and you can expect daily bloggs from now on again.

Be good!