Just crossed into Kenya...!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Thu 1 Mar 2007 13:18
Position: 03:31.082N 39:02.995E

At a campsite 1km from the Kenyan part of Moyale, the town which is right on
the Ethiopian / Kenya border.

Cycled 80km today, so a relatively easy day. I decided to enjoy the African
dawn on my own, so left campsite at 5h30, while it was still pitch black.
Waked the bike for the first few km's till it was just light enough to
ride.....it was great to be out and 'feel and hear' the bush.

The route was fairly straight and a continuous slight up gradient, for
probably 25km before it changed to the familiar undulating hills. Only two
little villages along the way, and I was out of local currency so couldn't
even try and get a replacement breakfast...!

Saw my first impala for this trip....and lots of smaller antelope darting

Arrived at the Ethiopian side of Moyale around 10h30...and yes got my last
barrage of 'you, you, you's'

Completed all the immigration /emigration procedures for both countries,
exchanged dollars for Kenyan schillings and was then able to explore.

Not very inspiring on the Kenyan side, although after searching around I
found the Prison Club, which turns out to be the best Bar and restaurant on
the Kenyan side. Had my first Tusker and we (Tom and I) were bought a local
whisky each by the chief magistrate who joined us for lunch!.

Lots of chats with the locals....and all confirm the next 500km will be one
of the most challenging I face....REAL bad road, not a tree in site, REAL
hot, and then bandits to contend with swell....apparently last month a solo
cyclist was shot dead by the bandits..... the guy I had lunch with is from
the police and he shot and killed a bandit on the road last week!!! All
serious stuff!!

Due to conditions we will only do around 80-90km per day over this 500km
stage known as 'Meltdown'

I'll sleep well tonight, and get up ready for the challenge ahead!

Let you know about day 1 tomorrow.