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Previous Diary Entries

Date Subject Position
Jun 2007
Thu 14 Jun 19:36 Finish in Cape Town Newsletter Part 2 of 2 34:02.93S 18:33.18E
Wed 13 Jun 19:57 Cape Town The finish.......Newsletter Part 1of 2 34:02.93S 18:33.18E
Apr 2007
Sat 21 Apr 04:44 Just the Windhoek Waypoint 22:33.34S 17:04.56E
Sat 21 Apr 04:44 Just the Tshootsha Waypoint 22:08.37S 20:51.33E
Sat 21 Apr 04:43 Just the Sehithwa Waypoint 20:28.22S 22:42.01E
Sat 21 Apr 04:42 Just the Bagani Waypoint 18:05.48S 21:37.22E
Tue 17 Apr 23:16 #13. Two capital cities, four countries visited, a 50 year birthday, Victoria Falls in flood and then a big tour decision made... 17:50.61S 25:45.38E
Fri 13 Apr 13:10 Just SW of Chomo 16:59.51S 26:49.94E
Thu 12 Apr 12:07 30km south west of Mazabuka 15:58.56S 27:36.83E
Wed 11 Apr 20:59 In Lusaka..... 15:23.15S 28:20.75E
Sun 08 Apr 15:58 Luangwa..Can see Mocambique 15:00.35S 30:12.91E
Sat 07 Apr 15:00 A Place called Minga....340km from Lilongwe 14:22.19S 31:10.84E
Fri 06 Apr 12:12 #12. Iringa to Lilongwe - Some inside realities and maybe a different perspective... 13:59.28S 33:46.07E
Tue 03 Apr 20:20 Kasunga... Great cycle and a surprisingly great town! 13:02.02S 33:25.88E
Mon 02 Apr 14:13 Camping on a school soccer field..... 12:12.21S 33:40.01E
Mon 02 Apr 14:05 Camping on a school soccer field..... 12:12.21S 33:40.01E
Sun 01 Apr 18:36 Back to reality....Mzouza 11:27.74S 34:01.84E
Mar 2007
Sat 31 Mar 14:44 Absconded for a few days! 10:31.02S 34:13.04E
Wed 28 Mar 17:54 Mbeya....Last night in Tanzania 8:53.98S 33:22.01E
Tue 27 Mar 17:23 Approaching Mbeya 8:48.25S 34:17.57E
Tue 27 Mar 13:51 Back on Bloggs again! 8:26.56S 35:10.97E
Mon 26 Mar 16:27 #11. Nairobi to Iringa...Going it alone and really feeling the Africa of my boyhood dreams! 7:46.83S 36:48.96E
Mon 19 Mar 12:43 The first day after Arusha break....... 3:40.24S 35:55.84E
Thu 15 Mar 13:44 Kilimanjaro gives a small present! 3:23.12S 36:43.22E
Wed 14 Mar 14:05 Kilimanjaro in sight! 2:32.83S 36:48.96E
Tue 13 Mar 09:26 #10. Still Alive! Two most amazing weeks yet...Yarabello to Nairobi. 1:17.50S 36:48.63E
Sun 11 Mar 21:59 Arrived in Nairobi...End of a huge section! 1:17.50S 36:48.63E
Sat 10 Mar 20:26 A really wonderful 1st day in Northern hemisphere...90km to Nairobi! 0:42.44S 37:14.70E
Fri 09 Mar 21:51 Mt Kenya and last night in the northern Hemisphere... 0:00.86N 37:33.44E
Thu 08 Mar 17:37 The official Meltdown DONE! 0:17.51N 37:33.44E
Wed 07 Mar 17:51 Another tough Meltdown day......but less than 1 degree to the equator! 0:56.57N 37:34.49E
Tue 06 Mar 16:30 Another 100km closer to Nairobi..... 1:35.01N 37:47.91E
Sun 04 Mar 16:25 Wow.....a tough day today...Tuskers deserved! 2:20.94N 37:59.70E
Sat 03 Mar 17:10 Really the Middle of Nowhere! 3:00.13N 38:12.48E
Fri 02 Mar 13:07 1st day of Meltdown gone well! 3:30.33N 38:39.10E
Thu 01 Mar 13:18 Just crossed into Kenya...! 3:31.08N 39:03.00E
Feb 2007
Wed 28 Feb 13:44 80km from Kenya..... 3:53.62N 38:29.23E
Wed 28 Feb 12:44 #9. Addis Ababa to Yarabello...The Rift Valley and People Overload! 4:53.04N 38:08.46E
Mon 26 Feb 17:03 From Yarabella...... 4:53.04N 38:08.46E
Sun 25 Feb 14:57 Quite a tough day today.....back up to 2300m 5:50.53N 38:15.69E
Sat 24 Feb 16:29 20km from Dila.....away from the Lakes...but not the kids 6:33.17N 38:19.36E
Fri 23 Feb 16:20 Lake Longana ....again on the water's edge! 7:33.03N 38:40.96E
Thu 22 Feb 16:48 At the water edge on Lake Koka 8:21.48N 39:00.02E
Thu 22 Feb 11:34 #8. Gondar to Addis Ababa... Cycling in Heaven! 9:00.76N 38:44.81E
Tue 20 Feb 15:58 Arrived in Addis Ababa....Section 2 complete...Very Satisfying! 9:00.76N 38:44.81E
Mon 19 Feb 16:54 At Debre Libanos.....120km to Addis 9:43.92N 38:48.95E
Sun 18 Feb 17:00 Down and Up...now on the south rim of Blue Nile Gorge 10:01.21N 38:14.95E
Sat 17 Feb 14:59 Almost on the rim of the Blue Nile Gorge 10:14.80N 38:05.67E
Fri 16 Feb 16:38 Closer to the Blue Nile gorge 10:42.19N 37:09.68E
Thu 15 Feb 18:26 Valentine's day off...Not really! 11:35.66N 37:23.43E
Tue 13 Feb 15:14 Back on the Road...Lake Tana in sight! 11:57.10N 37:42.75E
Mon 12 Feb 19:53 #7. Ethiopia...What a dramatic change! ...Lots of cycling too! 12:37.26N 37:28.08E
Sat 10 Feb 23:11 The toughest day yet.... 12:37.26N 37:28.08E
Fri 09 Feb 16:47 Ethiopia...just across the border but a whole new world! 12:34.94N 36:50.87E
Thu 08 Feb 17:05 Into Ethiopia...but just...what a change too! 12:57.52N 36:09.15E
Wed 07 Feb 17:14 A REAL fast day...with help....! 12:55.20N 35:24.09E
Tue 06 Feb 17:51 El Fau.....a long hot day...but satisfying! 14:08.54N 34:15.25E
Mon 05 Feb 17:07 An uninspiring Sudan...but 147km in the bag! 14:44.32N 33:18.26E
Sun 04 Feb 23:07 #6. Into Khartoum with Pomp and Ceremony - The end of Section 1... 2000km behind me! 15:35.96N 32:31.70E
Sat 03 Feb 18:52 Finally arrive in chaotic Khartoum! 15:35.96N 32:31.70E
Fri 02 Feb 17:00 Khartoum...I can almost see it... 15:15.94N 32:17.61E
Thu 01 Feb 17:07 Left the Nile, crossing the Sahara to Khartoum 16:44.93N 31:48.43E
Jan 2007
Wed 31 Jan 17:53 Now i feel the REAL Sahara..... 17:44.65N 31:21.02E
Tue 30 Jan 20:56 A fast and interesting day in the desert! 18:18.89N 30:40.22E
Tue 30 Jan 05:22 #5. Sudan...huge challenges and rewards...a world away from Egypt! 19:10.73N 30:27.84E
Sun 28 Jan 20:39 Finally at Dongola...and oohh! 19:10.73N 30:27.84E
Sat 27 Jan 21:41 4O K, North of Argo, Nubian Desert Sudan.... 19:54.21N 30:29.20E
Fri 26 Jan 21:04 Campsite on the Nile, 20:20.739N 30:23.622E 20:20.74N 30:23.62E
Thu 25 Jan 20:58 Just South of Akosha, Sudan 20:56.126N 30:38.007E 20:56.13N 30:38.01E
Thu 25 Jan 09:54 #4. Goodbye to Egypt, crossing the Tropic line and Sudan beckons! 21:47.70N 31:22.18E
Wed 24 Jan 21:14 In the desert south of Wadi Halfa 21:27.233N 31:07.889E 21:27.23N 31:07.89E
Mon 22 Jan 19:42 Embarking the ferry has been a very interesting experience... 23:58.24N 32:53.80E
Sun 21 Jan 18:24 a teenager threw a boulder at me from an apartment as I rode by... 24:03.87N 32:53.16E
Sat 20 Jan 18:41 90 km ahead of us so we can get to Aswan to meet the ferry... 24:58.74N 32:52.97E
Sat 20 Jan 04:56 #3. Safaga (Red Sea) to Luxor...blessed again! 25:42.68N 32:38.93E
Thu 18 Jan 06:34 What a change in scenery... 25:42.68N 32:38.93E
Wed 17 Jan 16:44 #2. The first four days...Cairo to Safaga. Savouring Egypt's present! 26:45.95N 33:56.60E
Wed 17 Jan 13:23 End of day 5.....A long hard one today... 26:19.68N 32:53.39E
Tue 16 Jan 14:54 Great ride again....downwind..... 26:45.95N 33:56.60E
Mon 15 Jan 14:46 ...140km further down the west bank of the Gulf of Suez... 27:31.18N 33:33.59E
Sun 14 Jan 14:41 ...somewhere in the middle of the eastern desert... 28:31.88N 32:56.08E
Sat 13 Jan 14:40 End of the first day!! 29:41.57N 32:09.23E
Fri 12 Jan 19:50 #1. From the Swiss Alps to the Pyramids of Egypt 29:57.86N 31:10.72E