a teenager threw a boulder at me from an apartment as I rode by...

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Sun 21 Jan 2007 18:24
End of Day8 (Cycling)

A wondeful day, full of diversity and even some challenges.....

I left the campsite first and virtually rode non stop for the fisrt 60 km to the lunch stop, arriving first...lovely next to the Nile but not too many reasons to stop, and i was feeling free and strong...I did stop at the first egyptian cemetries I'd seen...for the everyday person...just looked like a cleared sand patch with varying size boulders marking the bodies!

After lunch I took it slowly, even stopping at the largest village along te way for a haircut...quite an experience...no electic haircutters, and served tea...all for 10 egyptian pounds about US$2!

After that I had a bad incident where a teeneager threw a huge boulder at me from the second story of an apartment as I rode by...Fortunately the boulder hit my water bottle, ripping it off and bending the holding cage!

Birdlife is improving each day as I move south...yesterday saw an african hoepoe, and today two pied kingfishers....also lots of water birds now...egrits, plovers, etc.

Tomorrow a 40km cycle to Aswan dam for the overnic«ght trip to Wada Hafi in Sudan.... This will be a real change of terrain and cultures....changed my road tyres today to off road ones for the dirt roads.

Lots of preparations for the Sudan border crossing, as it supposed to be real slow and full on unknowns.

Thats it until next one...!