Absconded for a few days!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Sat 31 Mar 2007 14:44
Position: 10:31.025S 34:13.042E

Sitting on the deck of Songila Sanctaury ovrlooking Lake Malawi..... more

Sorry for those that have been looking for my blog for the last two

I had studied my Tanzania book and thought I would do an excursion to thw
top north east corner of Lake Malawi, and if the road shown on my one map
existed, I would be able to re-join the group without missing their
overnight camp (and Ruth!) Well I also got tempted by Ngosi Crater Lake on
the way, so stopped there for a two hour bike and walk through some amazing
rain forest to the top of the crater. Very unspoilt and worth the
'hardship'. This then delayed me so I got to Mtemba bay on Lake Malawi
late....and also didn't find the road I needed to re-connect with the group

All in all this caused a serious but rewarding delay. The ride through
souther Tanzania was absolutely wonderful, so more in the next newsletter.

Yesterday I crossed into Malawi, one day behind the group, and finally
caught up with them at 6pm, after 185km cycling that day for the official
rest day at Chitimba beach.

Ruth found this wonderful little 'sanctuary resort' about 10km from the
group campsite and we have been just sitting here today relaxing before
starting riding again tomorrow. This is a real paradise spot we have
here...will be sad to not stay a day or two more.

I'll be back to normal daily bloggs again, as we head for Lilongwe.

Take care