Kilimanjaro in sight!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Wed 14 Mar 2007 14:05
Position: 02:32.825S 36:48.957E

"km north of Namanga, the ntown which is on the Kenyan / Tanzania border.

Cycled 176km today...a long one and two of us ended up doing 8km longer as we were first off and weren't told of the turnoff to Tanzania..! Not well marked, and I was going like the clappers, thinking I wonder if there is a turnoff, and I had better ask soon! Next thing a minibus came next to me and said 'my buddies had turned off quite a while back! Oooops...bad boy again!

Eventually got on the right road and then I felt the need to push it a bit to catch up.....Caught the last 10 people before lunch, but I paid the price was a long day and the legs feel it!

Rooute was very niice, with small rolling hills and exactly the scrub and tree wit mountains in the background that I would expect in Tanzania, near Kilimanjaro.

About 10km before the campsite, the base of Kilimanjaro came into view, with the top two thirds hidden by cloud.

Lots of Maasai people around, so the villages have been quite interesting.

Verry hot today....

Tomorrow I cross into Tanzania for the ride to Arusha...should be great!

Hope you enjoyed the newsletter