Kilimanjaro gives a small present!

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Thu 15 Mar 2007 13:44
Position: 03:23.121S 36:43.220E

Just outside Arusha.

Cycled 128km today.

Left Kenya and now into my 5th country Tanzania. Border crossing went
without a hitch....friendly Kenyan official let me through without filling
out the forms, saying 'You look tired so I'll let you through!'
...Tired....I had only cycled three km's!

Left at 6h30 with clouds still over 2/3's of Kilimanjaro, I remained hopeful
that as I got closer and the sun got higher the clouds would lift! No luck
though! The ride was pretty flat until about 65km, with the same bush veld
scenery, with the volcanic mountains in the background. Lots a Maasai peopel
around, watching over their cattle herds.

The small present Kilimanjaro delivered was about 10 giraffe crossing the
road right in front of me, right when I was at the closest point I got to

Soon after that the chain broke again....getting close to full replacement

From 65km to 90km I had to deal with a fairly big hill, which then led to a
nice long downhill into ride!

Arusha is a hustling bustling place...pretty large and as you would know the
safari gateway to the Serengeti, and more.

We have 3 rest days here to enjoy the offerings, and i have rented a 4WD to
do it on my own! Set off at sunrise tomorrow. So no blogs until the 18th

Take care