The first day after Arusha break.......

Beyond the Saddle ....Cairo to Cape Town
Howard Fairbank
Mon 19 Mar 2007 12:43
Position: 03:40.245S 35:55.845E

Just down the road from a village called Kibaoni, at a campsite called
Lakeview, on the southern tip of Lake Manyara.

Cycled 106km today.

The 3 days break in Arusha were absolutely wonderful...managed to get out to
soem of the big game areas.....more for newsletter!

With seven straight cycling days ahead to Iringa, I left at 6h30 and had a
great ride. Very humid here, but the road was relatively flat and good
surface, so made for fast progress. Scenery was wonderful but not
specifically spectacular. On the outskirts of Arusha passed huged coffee
plantations, and at the end saw lots of zebra as the road touched on
Tarangire National Path.

I am contemplating 'going it alone' to Iringa, as the opportunity for more
freedom seems too irresistable....still busy weighing it up... whether I can
carry all I need for 6 days. I am quite excited about the prospect. If I do
there will be no blog until 24th March. So tomorrow will tell what I

Otherwise a knee cut that went septic has finally turned the corner and I
feel like the danger is over. Still on antibiotics and anti-inflamatories.

Lots of people have been sick again since Nairobi. Its weird how it just
hits the group.

Till next blog take care