The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Sat 25 Aug 2012 00:11
Looking at the map of our trip you can see the Inter Coastal Waterway goes
quite a long way in land. It has been quite a trip involving a lot of
complicated navigation. Some of the waterways are really shallow and so we
have to follow the course very carefully. Something we don't always manage
which is why we run aground so often. Thank goodness for Tow Boat US.
We follow the ICW all the way up the coast of Florida from Miami and will
continue on up to Charlestown.
There are a lot of bridges, both tall ones we can simply drive under or
Basqule Bridges which are draw bridges or Swing bridges, and we have to
call them and ask them to open for us - This sometimes involves a 30
minute wait until the next opening time. Doug calls it the joys of the ICW