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The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Fri 24 Aug 2012 15:53
Today we headed for Benhicket Marina on Seabrook Island. This is a lovely
marina up a river just to the south of Charleston. We had an uneventful
motor there but when it came to docking the boat disaster struck. The
current was very strong. When we went up to the t/head, Doug jumped off
with the stern line and tied it off then shouted to me to go forward and
throw him the bow line. As soon as I left the helm the bow of the boat
started to swing out - I couldn't throw the line far enough and the
current caught the bow and swung us around a full 360 degrees - pivoting
on the stern line. Fortunately Doug had a knife in his pocket and was able
to cut the stern line and let Destination go free. I regained control of
the boat but the current was so strong we were carried a long way down the
channel. I had to set the auto pilot and then go forward and bring the
lines on board before they fouled up in the prop and then called the
marina to get some help docking. Fortunately 2 guys from another boat also
came to help and I took the boat back in and managed to throw the stern
line to the Doug. The guys grabbed the bow lines and we were securely tied
up at last -What is they say about sailing - 99% boredom followed by 1% of
shear fear !