31:35.053N 81:11.830W

The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Thu 16 Aug 2012 00:38
Yahoo River
What a place ! Anchoring out lived down to its reputation ! We set the
anchor - no problems then Doug and me got into the dingy with Rags to take
him to a nearby island to go potty. Rags still doesn't "go" on the boat.
Anyway as we drew nearer it became apparent that the island was made of
shells. We drew close and I jumped off the front and took Rags who did the
necessary and we jumped back into the dink and we were heading back - all
done ! We had a great BBQ and went to bed - all was well until 3.00 am
when the generator decided to stop and refused to re-start - Why do things
always break in the middle of the night ?? It was a long hot night after
In the morning things did not go quite so smoothly. When we got to the
island the tide was further out and when I jumped out of the dingy I sunk
up to the thighs in deep nasty black mud !! the forward motion of jumping
out of the dink made me fall forward and I cut my hand on the shells,
dropped Rags and started to sink more. Doug had to beach the dink and get
out and pull me out of the mud - not easy we were both covered in the
stuff - Rags meanwhile has been potty but is also sinking in the mud and
shells - It was a huge mess. We finally managed to get all 3 of us back
into the dingy and headed back to Destination. That was when we notice a
hissing noise - Yes we had punctured the dingy on the shells !!
Thank goodness we made it back to Destination before all the air came out
! My hand was a mess - leg gashed and my shoes a total write off ! Rags
and I both had a shower on the back of the boat - not a good start to the
day ! There are no photos for obvious reasons !