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The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Wed 18 Jan 2012 11:39
Day 3 (Saturday)
We set off for Rawdon and a visit with my daughter Georgina. On the way we
decided to have our first English Fish and Chips – we went to Tingly Bar
which is a great Fish n Chip restaurant in Morley – after feeding our
faces we then called in at my Auntie Helen’s dress shop in Armley and
visited with her and my cousins Anne and Carolyn and Steven , Carolyn’s
son. Doug had the scenic tour of the Leeds Ring Road. We finally made it
to Rawdon in time for tea. It was wonderful to see both my Grandsons –
Ben 6 and Joe 5 they have grown so much in a year.