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The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Thu 23 Feb 2012 01:03
We finally got back on board Destination in Pensacola and settled down to
re-stocking the boat. We had a quick trip to Orlando to visit Georgina and
family who were there visiting Disney. We then took my car to Clearwater
where we left her parked at a great marina just under the bridge.
We drove back to Pensacola and waited for a weather window.
On Monday 20th the weather man said seas of 2-3 2 with light winds all
diminishing at Midnight. This will do us nicely so we set off. The weather
man got it WRONG - again !!
We had a nice afternoon sail but come 8 pm things started to intensify. By
Midnight we were in the middle of a major storm. We fought the storm for 7
yes 7 hours before making land fall at Port Saint Joe and believe me, we
are staying here until we can triple confirm and good weather window.
Rags has proven himself to be a proper Sea Dog but sitting on my legs all
through the storm to prevent me falling overboard and then he went 'potty'
on the paper I laid out !! this is a major achievement for him as he
usually just likes grass - he can tell the difference between grass and
astro turf too !!
Once we get going again I will send the next report