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The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Sun 22 Jul 2012 17:20
After a 4 day rest in West Palm Beach - where it would seem nearly
everyone drives a Mercedes - Maybe it was 'buy one get one free weekend'.
we walked to the grocery store and saw 43 Mercedes, 4 Jags, 3 Hummers and
a Bentley in less than a Mile !!
Anyway we left West Palm Beach on Wednesday July 18Th and headed north. We
found what sounded like a great marina at Jensen Beach. It is a Marriott
Resort. We reserved a slip and arrived at 4.15. The dock master was no
where to be found - There was a storm warning and high winds and as we had
our slip assignment we headed into the marina. We went aground right as we
were lined up to the slip right in the middle of the fairway ! 3 ft of
water. The Dock Master finally turned up and told us we would have to wait
until the tide came in and then went home - My temper was not good at this
point. It took the Captain 4 grueling hours to haul Destination into her
slip. We were still stuck there at high tide the next day and finally on
Friday morning we had Tow Boat US to come and drag us out into the ICW. It
was not a good stay at a Marriott. The hotel were hopeless - the Manager
was hopeless and the Dock Master useless. So if any of you plan on sailing
up the ICW near Stuart Beach do not put in at the Marriott - It is too
shallow and the staff are dreadful.