Man Overboard !!

The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Fri 8 Jun 2012 15:57
OMG !! Rags fell overboard this morning !!!
He is the first person to ever fall off Destination and it happened at
8.00 this morning. Fortunately Rags can swim and we have a big fishing net
onboard and the Captain was able to scoop him out in double quick time.
Poor Rags really is a Salty Sea Dog now. Here's how it happened..
Rags was on deck in a hurry to go for his first morning walk and he
decided to get off the boat by himself - but- the boat was too far from
the dock - He made the leap and his front paws made it but the rest of
him, not so much - He went straight into the water with a loud splash ! I
was on my way up the companionway at the time and the Captain was in the
cockpit - there was a moment of sheer panic followed but much shouting and
running round the boat to find the net - then as Rags started to swim OUT
away from the boat (I had visions of the pelicans swooping down and eating
him) we called for him to swim back and thank goodness, he did and Doug
was able to scoop him into the fishing net - Poor Rags, he then had to
have a bath to get the salt water off and now he is fast asleep recovering
from the tauma - I need a valium !!!!