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The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Fri 4 Nov 2011 18:39
Well we now have the engine fixed and when we filled up with Diesel it
turned out we had 10 gallons in the tank - The captain thinks that we took
a couple of rather large waves broadside and that allowed the fuel thingy
to get air in - All smoking mirrors to me..
We had to move over from the fuel dock today and the wind was howling - we
required a little help from a passing fishing boat to get us off a shallow
spot but now we are safely tied up behind Pashka and it looks like we will
ride out the front here and stay until maybe Tuesday. Doug has gone with
Jack and Tatina shopping and I am home alone with Rags - I must be getting
old, missing out on a shopping trip but I am happy.