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The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Sat 19 May 2012 19:25
We are on the move again this time on a road trip of mammoth proportions.
Our first stop is Wetumpka again to visit Pat who is now recovering from
his Chemo therapy. We are staying here a couple of days before heading
north. We are aiming for Vermont to Doug’s brother’s 50th wedding
I am sure we will have some adventures on the way – yesterday I went on
safari into the jungle – well that is what it felt like. I actually took
Rags blackberry picking with Pats daughter, Rebecca and her black lab,
Rowdy. This involved walking across what she called a field, what I call a
swamp with tall grasses – Rebecca assured me she hadn’t seen any snakes in
ages – No comment. Then we walked near a stream and found loads of
blackberries. Poor old Rags was totally not impressed with the terrain or
the heat and finally had to be carried. We made it back to the stream and
he needed a drink and a paddle ! Rowdy was loving it, chasing lizards and
bounding about the place. When we got back to the house both dogs had a
bath which completely finished Rag’s day – he was totally fed up and slept
– in fact is still sleeping today keeping out of my way in case I take him
back into the jungle today.
We leave Wetumpka on Monday morning and head towards Chattanooga so more
to follow then
Shirl and Doug