27:01.470N 80:06.268W

The Big Adventure
Doug Gillis/Shirley Hunter/Chief of Security Rags
Sun 9 Dec 2012 17:55

On the
morning of December 9th we headed out of Vero Beach south bound. We
stayed in the ICW and found a beautiful place to anchor – Hobe Sound – we spent
a slightly tense night there as a storm blew through and the tide was strong.
But the anchor held and we woke early to a beautiful day. We headed south
through a number of draw bridges – on was broken and it was the middle one of 3
bunched close this made it very interesting trying to dodge the other boaters
while we waited an hour in very close

quarters for the bridge mechanic to fix the problem.  Doing small circles in a one engine sail boat is not easy – especially when you don’t have brakes !!!