04 46N 79 32E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Sun 6 Sep 2009 13:51
04 46N  79 32E
Sept. 6, 2009
Dany II...we're continuing to make great progress toward Langkawi in 20+knts of wind...now that we're S of Sri Lanka, we're starting to see a few fishing boats...fortunately with these sea conditions & our speed, they are not harassing us, wanting "arrack" (liquor) or cigarettes...it can be a bit intimidating when a large fishing boat with a bunch of guys start coming close & start demanding things!...we should be out of their fishing zone by late tomorrow & our weather router tells us that we'll continue to have plenty of wind...we finally had a visit of a large school of spinner dolphin today, providing us with some welcome entertainment...we only have 1,207 mi to go now...we realize that this is sort of like watching grass grow, but stay tuned!...good nite from D2 & crew