12 45N 44 58E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Tue 18 Aug 2009 05:12
12 45N  44 58E
Aug. 18 2009
Dany II...it's another gray (brown?) hazy day here in Aden...it's 0700 & we've just picked up the anchor & called for permission to leave...permission granted & we're off like a herd of turtles!...our next destination will be Salalah, Omen..we're going to try to keep our speed as fast as possible to get through this next 500 mi. of unfriendly water...hopefully the current will start running E as it's supposed to at this time of year, & the SW winds will fill in...it doesn't take much to get D2 sailing 7knts, so we hope to be sailing soon...Aden was a reasonable stop, with good provisioning & friendly people...but not much else to recommend it...I can't think of many positive adjectives to describe the place...only bleak, grim & desolate come to mind...yesterday we did a bit of a tour...the high point was the ancient water catchment built into the hill...empty of course!...they're still not sure who built it or when, but when it was discovered in the 1800's, it had been filled in with rubbish...now days, they have a big anti litter campaign going, & despite the dirt & rubble everywhere, it's actually quite free of rubbish, especially plastic bags!...our "guide" took us to lunch at a local resteraunt...I felt a bit odd since I was the only woman in the whole place!...I would like to talk to some of the women here to get a better idea of life here in Yaman...at least it seems like they're able to move freely about, just as long as they are in groups & are wearing the full black "tent"...there are a few who actually show their faces, but most are only showing eyes...oh, & did I mention the black gloves as well?!...we still have no idea what the women look like except to judge by looking at the young girls under about the age of 12, when they're still wearing "normal" western clothes...but they would appear to be slim & elegant in spite of being camoflaged in black flowing burkas...I doubt that we'll ever really understand this place, & certainly not in a 3 day stop...so much for now, stay tuned!  D2 & crew