17 10N 40 03E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Thu 13 Aug 2009 07:21
17 10N  40 03E
Dany II
Aug. 13, 2009
...jibing down the Red Sea...we've lost track of how many jibes we've done now, but it still beats going to weather in a choppy sea!...last night was a terrific sail until the wind suddenly veered to the W & it was time to jibe again...I can handle the main myself, but it takes the 2 of us to roll up the jib & reset the pole on the opposite side...the wind also increased, so we put a couple of reefs in the main & we were still doing 7 knts!...Dany II loves this kind of wind direction...unfortunately because of 1knt. of current against us, we're only averaging about 5knts. tho...but at least we're not having to use the engine & burn up precious fuel...right now it looks like we'll be going straight to Aden since we don't need to stop for more fuel...there are places we would like to stop, but in this part of the world, just clearing in & out takes lots of time & $$$!...today is another muggy gray day...we couldn't even see the sun until it had been up for several hours...fishing is not off to a good start today...another barracuda has committed suicide on our line...they are edible in this part of the world, but having avoided them for so long since they are a known carrier of ciguatera, we tend to throw them back & hope for something better...we're keeping a close eye on weather changes now, it can change very quickly & we have to react fast!...taking care of Dany's sails is extremely important especially since they've got to last another 3,000 + miles!!...as we get closer to the S end of the Red Sea, we are now encouraged to ck in with a couple of groups motoring ships movements thru the area between Yemen & Somalia...so today's challenge is figuring out how to program the Iridium phone so we can call them quickly if we need any assistance...unfortunately, the phone didn't come with a user's guide, so this should eat up a few hours!...ciao! the crew & Dany II