31 15N 32 18E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Sat 18 Jul 2009 07:25
July 2-11
Just a quick note from Dany II to fill in the gaps until we can get wifi to download the photos...
After departing Trapani, Italy, we had a terrific overnight sail to Malta...arriving in the morning, we were surprised that we couldn't see it until we were only 2 miles away...we had never been to Malta before, so it was another exciting land fall...it's a low lying rock of an island, & everything seems to be shades of brown...after researching the history of Malta, you can understand why any plant life struggles to survive...not to mention that the population density is huge for a island only 15mi long...there is now reverse osmosis water, so they now have "unlimited" water...we found Malta to be a terrific spot for boat work & touristing...there are at least 12 marine hardwhare stores in walking distance..."yachtie haven"!...excellent grocery & bakery shops & a very good bus system...so we enjoyed our stay, but had to remind ourselves that this is a delivery, & we've got to get going!
July 11-17
After departing Malta, we had a somewhat wet & wild sail directly to Port Said, Egypt...lots of freighter traffic to keep us entertained, but very little sea life in this end of the Med.. The weather is getting considerably warmer now & we're going to be anxious to get to the Red Sea where we can do some diving.  Meanwhile, our entry was very easy with a well marked channel & a local pilot aboard for the last mile to the dock at the yacht club...we are the only boat here except for one other boat which looks abandoned...we can easily see why no other boats choose not to stay here long after experiencing all the chop from the constant traffic...fortunately it slows down a bit at night, but during the day, the boat is constantly jumping up & down!...& it smells like a sewer...the agents from Felix marine showed up shortly after getting tied up, & formalities were taken care of...next the Suiez canal people will come to measure Dany II & make an appointment for our canal transit, which will hopefully be Sun., or Mon....right now we are off to do a bit of exploring in the city before it gets too hot!