22 39N 36 35E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Mon 10 Aug 2009 07:11
22 39N  36 35E   
Dany II is off again!...it was hard to leave a place like Dolphin Reef...we could have easily spent a week there exploring the reef & lagoon...especially since it was such settled weather, making a good anchorage, & clear visibility in the water...but, we've got to get going, & we've got a lot of miles to cover till we get to Aden, the Maldives, & finally Malaysia...so far on this journey down the Red Sea, we've been very surprised as the lack of boats, especially fishing boats...there are large ships, but they're in the shipping lanes, far away from our current route...fortunately, the winds are starting to fill in, & we've managed to sail for the last 24hrs., without having to run the engine...iti's so nice & peaceful not having to listen to a noisy engine, & Dany II is sailing along comfortably at 5-6knts..the fishing line is out again & we're hopeing for something other than a barracuda this time!...it's another hot sunny day here, but with limited visibility...there always seems to be a haze of dust...yesterday, we passed within 7mi. of a island which was over 250 mtrs. high, & we couldn't see it...& right now, we're only 18 mi. off the coast & we can just barely tell it's there...so much for clear desert days!...more later, Dany II