14 19N 49 32E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Thu 20 Aug 2009 05:59
 14 19N  49 32E
Aug. 20, 2009
Dany II is continuing to slog her way to Salalah...it's slow going with no wind once again...our weatherman keeps promising winds for today tho :)...just hope he's right!...anyway, not much to report from out here, the only "bad" thing that happened yesterday was that we lost 2 mahi mahi!...the first one we had brought up onto the swim step, but the wire leader broke & she managed to get away...so, out with the line again with a new lure, & we hooked another one about 2 hrs. later...this one managed to throw the hook as J was bringing it in...darn...we were really looking foreword to a nice fish dinner!...at least we know they're out here, so we'll keep trying today...these 2 were quite pretty, with green & gold scales rather than the blue & gold we're used to...we did have a bit more shipping activity last night....it was encouraging to see that not all the freighters are using the military controlled "corridor"...still, it wasn't a relaxing night like it normally would have been if we were elsewhere...we've now passed through what they consider the most active area for pirating, but we still have 300 mi. to go to Salalah...so we can't relax yet!...we may have to open a bottle of 2 of Rioja when we get there!...meanwhile, our friend Mark in Salalah has reported that another boat arrived safely last night with no problems enroute...I've got to go & keep a look out...bye for now, D2 & the crew