16 55N 54 04E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Tue 25 Aug 2009 05:10
16 55N  54 04E
Aug. 25, 2009
Dany II ...we're off once again!...Salalah was a good "pit" stop...having used a lot of fuel to get from Aden to Salalah, we needed to fill up again...hopefully on this leg we won't be using much fuel tho...we have strong winds perdcited fot this next passage to Uligan, Maldives, which is 1,255Mi. away...Salalah is primairly a comercial port, but the city itself is quite clean compared to other places like Aden...both the supermarkets & fresh markets were quite good & we had no problem reprovisioning...the big exciting thing that happened while we were there was the launching of the Sultan's new trimaran, "Oman"...it's been purpose built to try to break the existing around the world record, & certainly looks fast...just sitting there, teetering from hull to hull...(she's 110' long!)...the mast goes in today & the sea trials start on Thursday...it would have been fun to go out & see her perform, but we don't want to wait any longer...bye for now, Dany2 & crew