04 56N 88 21E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Wed 9 Sep 2009 12:00
04 56N  88 21E   
Sept. 9, 2009
Dany II...oops, sorry for the mileage mistake yesterday...the distance I gave was to our next way point off the N end of Sumatra, not Langkawi...we are however, now over 1/2 way there with only 682 mi. to go...so far the winds are still in the 15-20knt. range, & we're still averaging about 7knts....today was a "bean bag day"...nice and comfortable with the waves staying outside of the cockpit where they belong...so far not too much rain, but we'll be expecting lots when we get closer to Sumatra & Thailand...the fish are definately winning on this passage, we've lost 2 due to broken leaders!!...we haven't given up tho!...time to go watch the sunset...they're starting to improve now that we've got some interesting clouds on the horizon...ciao...D2 & crew