12 47N 44 58E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Mon 17 Aug 2009 06:36
12 47N  44 58E
Aug. 16, 2009
Dany II
Good morning!...we have arrived safely in Aden after having to power all night from about midnight on...it was sol going, but a pleasant calm night with good visibility...we only saw 1 freighter  & no local fishing boats, between the radar & the Max Sea charts, it was easy to stay on the 20 fathom line so we didn't have to worry about getting tangled up in any fishing nets...the visibility this morning was less than 5 mi. with a thick brown haze...apparently the approach to Aden is usually quite spectacular with the remains of an ancient volcano jutting up behind the city...Dany II's off white decks are now a lovely shade of "terracotta"...& everything below is very gritty...unfortunately, Dany II isn't going to get a welcome wash down...just hope the rain John has predicted will happen while we're here!...entering the port was very easy, & we are now anchored off  Prince of Whales pier...the town looks pretty grim...can't imagine why anyone would want to live in a place like this...it was lunch time by the time we got settled & pumped up the dinghy, so we decided to celebrate our arrival with a BBQ'd pork sandwich & a beer!...seemed appropriate!...knowing that everything comes to a screeching halt between 12 & 2, we decided to put off going ashore until 4 when it was starting to cool down a bit...as it turned out, our timing was perfect...most of the men chew quat (like beetle nut), & are stoned out of their minds by late afternoon!...needless to say everyone was very nice & helpful...when we went into the customs office everyone was laying about on matteresses on the floor watching some actress on the tele!...our papers were processed in about 2 min. & we were on our way...our newly appointed taxi driver was then ready to whisk us off the money changer...as it turns out, US dollars are the only currency they will take for diesel fuel & visas...next stop was a computer store where we were able to get more cartridges for the printer & a cooling pad for the computer...this all happened in about 15 min.!...we're off to take a bit of a walk around town...more later...