7 39N 72 16E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Tue 1 Sep 2009 12:42
7 39N  72 16E
Sept. 1, 2009
Dany II...today finds us in the squall zone...gray skies & clouds all around, with the wind more in the W @ 15-20...still sliding along at 7+knts. on a course of 134T...we started out with several ships this morning, but since then have seen absolutely nothing...we're only 49 mi. from Uligan, but we won't make it to the pass before dark, so we'll have to heave to for the nite, & enter in the morning...once again, the auto pilot has decided to quit working...& unfortunately our attempts to resuscitate it have failed this time, so it will be good to have a calm anchorage where we can work on it easier...with over 1,000mi. to go to Langkawi, we'd really like to get it going again!...it was amazing that it hadn't quit in the earlier rough sea conditions, so why it's decided to quit now is a mystery...stay tuned...D2 & crew