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Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Mon 17 Aug 2009 06:52
12 47N  44 58E
Aug. 17, 2009
Dany II...my apologies for not getting the blog entries off yesterday...but yes, we're here in lovely Aden...actually, everyone has been very friendly & want to know how we like Aden...so we're off to a good start!...yesterday evening's walk around town was interesting...I was definitely "under dressed" with only a long sleeved shirt & knee length shorts on...ALL the women here are dressed in the long black burkas, with most only showing their eyes...it's a bit difficult trying to talk to someone with only their eyes showing...even Jack wearing shorts is very much an oddity, so we're both being stared at...being blond doesn't help much either, but they do like Jack's mustache!...things are happening very quickly this morning...Jack has already been taken to the fuel bunker office to arrange payment for diesel, & is now off to the fuel dock with the jerry jugs in the dinghy...much easier than moving D2 to the nasty looking dock...later we'll be taken for some food shopping & a bit of a tour by our 19 yr. old taxi driver...should be interesting!...unfortunately when we arrived, we were disappointed to find only 2 other boats here, both of which have been left...we had hoped that there would be another boat or 2 to travel to Salalah with, but I guess we're on our own for the next 500 mi. leg...more later, D2 & crew...