13 05N 43 01E

Dany II to the Philippines
John Ridsdel
Sat 15 Aug 2009 06:25
13 50N  43 01E
Aug. 15, 2009
Dany II
...this morning we're only 37mi. from the bottom end of the Red Sea...can't wait to turn the corner!...last night, we had some very impressive heat lightening!...no rain of course, but we shut everything just in case...D2 has a lot of opening port holes & hatches, & getting them closed in the event of rain is a real scramble!...all electronics were shut down as well, & the computer was put in the oven for safe keeping...fortunately, it only lasted a couple of hours, & we were able to get everything up & running again...a good thing since we were going thru the narrow part of the straights with freighter traffic & a few small unlit islands...surprisingly, the freighter traffic in & out of the Red Sea has been light, so avoiding them hasn't been an issue...this morning, the weather conditions are much the same...HOT & muggy...good thing the refer is working well!!...our speed has slowed to about 4knts., so we may have to turn the dreaded engine on to keep up our speed...forcasts for today show the winds increasing later this morning...& so far, they've been fairly accurate...it's amazing how much information we have available to us now days...it certainly takes a lot of the guess work out of passage making!...well, not much happening out here, just keeping a close watch for "uninvited" guests...the engine's on, so we'll be motor sailing for awhile until the wind filles in again...later, D2 & crew