Day 5 and counting...

John & Susan Simpson
Sun 18 Apr 2021 10:50
We’re half way through isolation here in Jersey and all is well.  It’s been very cold overnight, and whilst days have been cool they have been bright and sunny.  We started to use Casamara's central heating system, which lasted all of the first couple of days before starting to emit plumes of white smoke and gurgling ominously from the back locker.  After peering into the instruction manual with furrowed brow, John announced that every fault advised to call out a qualified engineer.  One quick phone call later and a suitably qualified and socially distanced engineer arrived.  He was a real character and we enjoyed his visits to and fro to establish the problem.  It’s all sorted now, and he also taught us how to use it properly as well!

Our first PCR test on Day 0 was conveniently carried out in the ferry port just a short walk away from where we are in St Helier Marina.  All arrivals by 'private marine' have to start from here.  When the appointments came through for our tests on Days 5 and 10 they were scheduled at the airport, which was a surprise but very welcome in that we are allowed to travel to and from the test centre so we looked forward eagerly to the outing!  

John extracted our bikes from deep in the back locker and gave them a good service - one had a chain rusted square so they were clearly in need of some TLC.  Day 5 saw us wheeling our bikes onto land and setting off excitedly along the sea front.  It’s a ten mile round trip to the airport from here and the chance to get some exercise was very welcome.

It was a lovely expedition: sandy beaches, clearly marked cycle routes, quiet cycling on country lanes lined with spring flowers, all in beautiful sunshine and clear air.  We had a taste of what freedom will be like in 5 days time and we’re looking forward to it even more now.

Looking back towards St Helier
From St Helier towards St Aubin
Two grinning people enjoying a taste of freedom!

We’re using this fortnight of travel/isolation to test the boat systems, including how much food and what types of foods we should plan to stock for a two week Atlantic crossing.  Fresh milk ran out yesterday but Sainsbury’s long life milk is not bad as a replacement.  We passed a cafe on the way back from the airport and would have loved to have been able to sample their fabulous looking home made burgers.  The idea inspired an afternoon of constructing our own version -  'boat made' burgers and buns made from scratch.  They were yummy and would be a welcome mid-Atlantic treat!

….looking forward to Thursday and our last PCR test (complete with a repeat of the cycle ride).