October update

John & Susan Simpson
Mon 10 Oct 2011 13:29


Will be returning to Casamara on the 8th November.  Thankfully Cindy (of Wilkinson Sails) and Philip are coming out to help with a small number of pre ARC jobs and also help me sail Casamara down to the ARC start in Las Palmas.  I also have to find the laundry that we left in the marina at then end of July.  Then the Crew will start to arrive.


Julian – (Head Chef) has menu plans already sorted and will buy and prepare food for the trip.  Iain – (watch leader) has been practicing with his sextant ready for the trip.  Dickie – (watch leader) in charge of victuals and most importantly sun downers.  Paul Ross (watch leader) ARC veteran and spinnaker expert.  Tim – entertainment officer (music and DVD’s) ! 


So that just leaves me SP as a very relaxed Skipper with a great crew.  


Looking forward to seeing old friends down in LP