Transatlantic crossing 2021 - what did we do all day?

John & Susan Simpson
Wed 8 Dec 2021 13:30
You might think that 17 days at sea would mean oodles of time to be filled but it didn’t feel like that at all.  We were always doing something, even if it was just putting the world to rights with a good chat.

We thought we might supplement our food provisions by catching fish along the way.  Every day Noa would hopefully put out the line and we would drag a succession of squid shaped lures behind us, hour after hour.  Other boats were telling tales of landing massive Mahi Mahi or catching so many Dorado they got fed up of eating them but no such luck on Casamara.  We like to think we ‘caught’ six fish because that was the number of lures we lost for one reason or another.  We do have evidence of one that got away because we got it so close to the boat it was nearly on board.  Sadly, it disappeared back into the deep - along with the bucket we were trying to force it into!

Laura and Noa both had university work to keep up with on the crossing - made more difficult for Noa with the loss of her laptop -  but they were both to be found in different places around the boat studying.  Either that or reading, playing games or sunbathing.

We spent many a happy hour playing music and singing. 

One of the crew’s favourite jobs (haha!) was to snip up our used plastic packaging and post the pieces into a large water bottle so that the plastic could all be recycled once we reached the other side and didn’t take up much space in the meantime.

And sometimes we just took a nap.