Blues and Blue Water 2

John & Susan Simpson
Wed 28 Jun 2017 18:59
55:71.552N 12:58.763E

The next day was spent in jovial company as the North Sea retreated and we motored the 60 miles of Kiel canal.  John and Alex entertained the watching cattle with guitars, singing and a little jazz trumpet.

Eventually Casamara exited into the Kieler Bucht at Holternau in an unseasonably wintery blast

and, reaching welcome shelter in Laboe, the younger crew set off on Casamara’s rickety folding bikes in search of fresh bread.

The next day continued unsettled but we pressed on and sailed 150 miles direct to Copenhagen, passing north of Fehmarn in heavy rain.  

Oh the comfort of a deck saloon and joy of helming from the navigation seat in the warm, dry cabin!