Blues and Blue Water Return 2

John & Susan Simpson
Fri 11 Aug 2017 18:11
52:97.120N 04:77.880E

Forecasts had shown a deepening low approaching.  

Our plan was to skirt Denmark’s west coast rather than return via the Kiel canal, but was that sensible with Force 7-8 winds in the North Sea?  The low would bring headwinds if we headed South towards Copenhagen, but perhaps even stronger headwinds and bigger seas in the 
North Sea if the low didn’t perform as expected.  We chose the North Sea route, hugging the southern Norwegian coast until the low had passed.  It worked a treat.  The weather was dismal, with sea and sky gunmetal grey. 

Casamara rocked serenely in the strong northerlies to reach Den Helder three days later.