Blues and Blue Water 3

John & Susan Simpson
Sun 2 Jul 2017 21:16
56:65.592N 12:84.743E

Copenhagen is one of our favourite maritime cities: plenty of visitors berths, friendly people and great facilities, with sights and sounds easy to access by efficient public transport, or the plentiful bicycles for hire.  We stayed in the marina in Langelinie, home to the famous Little Mermaid.

She took the visit of five swarthy British yachties in her stride!  We couldn’t linger long though, as Norway beckoned and the wind was fair.  From Langelinie we had a storming sail to Halmstad, 70 miles away.  John called ahead for a berth for Casamara as, at 17 metres LOA, notice is appreciated.  A friendly voice assured us a space would be reserved on the quayside with ‘’a yellow sign’’ and we looked forward to a quiet night.  Halmstad was a sea of masts on the skyline as we approached, and it was soon evident that it was a Tall Ships Festival.  We were anxious about the promised quayside berth but, remarkably, a huge yellow banner almost 17 metres long reserved the only space available. We tied up and stepped into a Baltic sailing film set, feeling underdressed for the occasion.  Undeterred, we whipped up our ‘dressed overall’ flags to blend in.

Unfortunately, the flags were from our previous vessel, Chiscos, a 40 footer, and on Casamara’s taller height the effect was of smart trousers worn much too short!