Last Day (We hope!)

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Fri 1 Jul 2011 03:59
49:30.90N 6:24.24W
3:45am GMT
Hopefully this will be our last day at sea for the AZAB, however, we are battling with very light airs and are at this moment struggling to keep on course to windward.
Alex is in bed, my watch is nearly over, I don't like waking her for the last night watch, she usually looks at me with pure hatred and says something mean and rude... I usually respond by getting into her now vacated warm bunk and saying "ooooh how warm and comfy I am, I'm going to drift off to sleep... ahhhh bliss" at which point she says other things rude. Haha, all that will be over after today, but I'm not sad - standing watch in the early hours is not my most favourite part of sailing.
Yesterday was absolutely fabulous! We knew we were getting a flying visit, so at around midday we took our emergency 25L water and decanted 2 buckets, boiled two pans of water and two kettlefulls and had a freshwater bath in the cockpit! For two grungy sailors this was absolute bliss as we towelled off and put on fresh clothes. It took Alex an hour to get the knots out of her hair! Anyway fresh as daisies we heard the unmistakable sound of King Air engines overhead, and sure enough, Captain Malcolm Humphries descended overhead us and flew by us at mast height six times, us on deck waving frantically! Never has jet fuel smelt so good, "Prestige 1" flashing past us at 250 knots, glinting in the sun. We took some video, it was a great 15 minutes, we were very sad to see them go. To Malcolm and Lisa (and Capital), thank you for making our day, I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Anyway back to our current progress... we have 65 miles to go, but we are only making 4 knots, unless this wind increases my chances of arriving in the afternoon, putting the boat to bed and going to the pub are looking slim, a 2am finish looks more likely...
Oh well, we get there when we get there, but rest assured we will be trying absolutely everything to get the most out of Cali in the last few miles. Such a shame, we have had consistent 5-6 knots for 10 days, and on the last day the wind dies on us!!!
Right off to bed, oh Alex! Time to get up!!!