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Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Sat 30 Apr 2011 17:59

49:26.27N 8:15.41W



Was really nice to hear from mum and dad, missing you a lot! Sick of this weather now, we may go and shelter by the scillies because with all this tacking we will be covering more than 500 miles!

It is so hard to do anything on the boat without nearly falling over, my cheek is fine now, just a bump and a scratch, sunburn slowly going brown!!

I cant believe how well Calypso is handling the sea, she is an amazing boat and now I know so much more about her, this trip has been good for my knowledge about navigation and just in general sailing. Joe has assured me that the Azab will not be like this, if it is i’m out! Just started my watch now (6pm) till 9 and then Joe is on 9-12 then me 12-3am etc... I hate the 12-3 although now that we are out here I literally just do the log and then we both cuddle up and sleep for half an hour (just got to make sure you keep checking for tankers! - It’s like a game out here, maybe I should create an Iphone app, not sure what i’d call it though.

Well i’ve just done the washing up which was hard and I can’t wait to see Plymouth Breakwater where we can open a bottle of champers and go and have a bloody shower, I STINK!!! Hope the royal wedding went ok, Daisy our friend said the queen looked a bit fragile but apparently Kate’s dress was lovely.

Haven’t been sea sick yet thank god, only felt dizzy, I’m being selfish but I WANT MY TV, SOME REAL MILK, MY CAR, MY DOG and a bbq with mum and dad. Haha.

Joe is reading at the min, he doesn’t seem to mind the weather at all, Harry Potter is our fav at the minute, nice easy read so we can escape. I think he may be coming down with a cold though... oh dear!


Anyway, i’ll try and do as many blogs as poss, it costs so much money! Hehe

Love you

Al xxxx