Hello from Alex

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Thu 28 Apr 2011 14:09

Afternoon all!

Weather beautiful today, been sunbathing and listening to my ipod, makes me feel normal! Joe is super glued to his books; don’t know how he manages to read with all the rocking, I would be sick as a dog! Actually he was sick earlier...

Heavy night, saw so many bloody tankers, quite scary really. I managed to stay warm inside and study the GPS and radar which are very accurate, had to keep coming on deck to alter course to miss them. Makes me laugh, the ocean is a massive place and yet they seem to just aim for us, even though we have right of way because we are under sail and scared!

We have passed the Scilly Isles now and haven’t seen any tankers or fishing vessels all day, we are 21 miles from land so it’s bound to be quieter out here, suits me fine! It is so unnerving seeing a 150-200 metre long boat moving at 20 kts along your starboard side in the dark!!

Joe is on watch now, Stevie Wonder singing loudly in my headphones...bliss... The spinnaker looks beautiful although I feel like a Caribbean hobo that hasn’t showered and has dreadlocks...almost anyway, maybe i should go for a swim... NO THANKS!

Sausage casserole for tea tonight I think, not looking forward to making it, I never realised how difficult it is to cook on a boat! Having fun though, miss you all! See you soon,


Alex xxx