The bad weather arrives...

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Sat 30 Apr 2011 07:42

Hello All,

48:18.30N 8:53.43W

Bit of a rough night, as soon as we turned the seas were against us, we are now beating into a reasonable force 5, nothing special but the waves are quite big, at least moderate to rough. These have been slamming us about, every so often a big one would stop us dead. However after a painful beat north the wind shifted to NE and we have, since 2am, been heading directly for home.

I’ve been on deck since 8 trying to fix the self-steering gear, a pin has been bent, not sure when that’s happened, but it is fixed now. It’s raining outside, cloudy, overcast. I wonder where the sun has gone?

Alex, poor thing cut her cheek going to the heads, nothing too bad but i’ll bet she’ll have a shiner! You have to try to imagine moving about a boat that is heeling at least 40 degrees, and heaving up and down 20, unpredictably. Oh well Alex got caught with her pants down this time.

We’ve both been a bit queasy, I cooked lovely mince spag bol last night, it’s still there on the stove, untouched. I fancy boiled egg and solders for breakfast.

ETA sometime Monday is all our navigator will give us, I’ll be able to get a more accurate arrival time as the days go on.

Bye for now