Day 1 - Abeam Falmouth - 460 miles to go.

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Wed 27 Apr 2011 20:18

We’ve been at sea since 11:00, unfortunately there has been what you land-lubbers would call a beautiful day... lovely and sunny with hardly a breath of wind! We have been struggling to coax 3 knots out of Callie for the last 4 hours, the wind speed has died down to F2 at best. Having said that, there’s no rush, and we have both just watched the sun set over the Helford River. At least it’s easy to cook and make tea without the boat heeling all over the place and heaving up and down...

Alex drew the short straw and took the 12:00 to 18:00 watch, I slept. I’m just about to come off the evening watch, handing over to her until midnight, when I do the 00-03. Poor old Alex then has 03-06!! All our gizmo’s are working, we have the laptop running SeaPro 3000, a fancy chart plotter software program, we also have the Radar and AIS on, running through the PC. This way we can see ships on the scope before we see them with our eyes.

The sun has set, our lights are on and I’ve made the chart table area nice and cosy with cushions, popping above decks every 15 minutes or so to see what’s going on and to check the sail trim. I’ve downloaded our first batch of weather files, looks like more of the same, we are expecting following winds, so as soon as that happens we will rig the spinnaker and send you a nice photo.

Spirits are good on board, and apart from Alex’s constipation, all the crew are well! Our new plant, an orchid, needs a name, any suggestions?

Bye for now...