Downwind bliss, for now.

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Thu 9 Jun 2011 19:34
42:53.8N 015:17.9W 

The wind has shifted again as the low pressure goes round, now we are running directly before the wind, making 6-7 knots. As the wind is blowing all the weather into the cabing I've shut the aft hatch and am cosy, watching the radar and watching TV. I've just had a heinz Big Soup, which I bulked out with chopped picked garlic and pork sausage, 2 slices of bread (still soft, suprisingly) and too much chocolate. I eventually had to put it in a locker near the bow, I couldn't help myself. Fruit and nut... mmm..
Ask any sailors that you know, ask them which sloop- or cutter-rigged yachts they've ever sailed will go directly downwind without crash-gybing or snaking around, when on autohelm. None I'll bet. But this one will. I don't know why, exactly, but I'm lucky that she does as I'm tucked in below instead of getting drenched covering mile after boring mile on the tiller. Wind is 20-22 knots from astern, sails are goosewinged (poled and prevented) and apart from the usual racking, she's holding a steady 220 magnetic.
I'm not sure what the next few days has in store, I hope that the weather forecasts are lying when they predict strong to moderate SW'lys but even if that is the case, I will try and make headway as much as I can. It won't be very comfortable, but should only last 3 days or so.
Any updates of standing from my loyal landlubbers? I know I'm close to Rebecca and Carolina, but who else is out there? Also I haven't heard how Bojangles is getting on, have they thrown the towel in or are they bravely continuing? If anyone has a spare 10 minutes could I have miles to run for the boats in my class? Gives me a boost of energy if I know I'm close behind someone!
AK, did you get my last mail? I got one back from your office saying you were out. Catch up later anyway after I've had a nap.