Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Wed 22 Jun 2011 18:20
39:31.739N 26:06.544W
Day 2 at sea..
Had a lovely day sunbathing on the boat, didn't see any dolphins unfortunately but made some nice food, cheese on toast for breakfast, chicken curry for lunch and pasta for supper, seems a lot but there's nothing else to do and when the sea is calm we can take advantage of being able to cook!!
We both fell asleep in the sunshine today, unfortunately stupid me didn't put any suncream on my back and wriggled in my sleep to lie on my front so I burnt a bit!!! Oh well.
Nearly time to watch some Human Planet. Percy keeps hoovering up the boat which is great for us, pecking away at anything he can find, at least he is comfortable.
We reckon that we should be home in around 10 days..whoopee!! Lets wait and see though.
Missing you all,
Alex, Joe and Perce