Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Sun 1 May 2011 03:00

49:15.67N 007:33.02W


Tired, Tired TIRED!!

It’s 4am and its my shift, haven’t seen many tankers, spoken to one on the VHF as he came up on our GPS as “moored” turns out he was a fishing vessel. Joe been fiddling with the engine, no luck so we will have to rely on the wind generator for charging batteries.

The berth above me collapsed and hit me on the head at about 2am, not funny, now i’ve got a headache!! I seem to be the one always getting clobbered. Unfair haha.

We are currently doing 4.3 knots and the sea has calmed down a lot, we are not slamming now just gently rocking which is so nice, we can actually sleep now and enjoy the trip!

I don’t think we will be home tomorrow evening now, looking at Monday afternoon, hopefully the wind will change when we get closer to land, it would be great if we could carry on in a straight line again!!

Well i’ll write another blog in the morning and update you on our progress, night

Alex xxx