Day 3 at sea. Good morning!

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Mon 6 Jun 2011 09:01


47:46.3N 9:54.4W

Morning landlubbers!

I had a wonderful sleep and now feel very positive and relaxed... I went to bed around 4am, after I switched the engine on to charge the batteries and its chugging sent me straight to sleep. I then had a dream that I was on the Plymouth Belle and Geoff was radioing me saying “what the hell are you doing all the way out there? We have passengers waiting at Mountbatten!!” I replied “I’m doing the AZAB you idiot!” Must have been the cheese and crackers I ate at 3am...

Winds are steady at 15 knots, more than enough to keep me sailing at 5-6 knots towards the Azores. The sea has died down somewhat so this makes for very pleasant sailing indeed. To my dear Auntie Kath, no, I’m not quite at the urine-drinking stage yet, though rumour has it that one of the Dutch skippers went on it before the water ran out, I think he likes it!

I’ve just downloaded the weather and it seems (without wishing to jinx myself) that the Azores High has set up nicely and we have more of the same for the next 3 days! Yippeee!

No more failures on board (again, touch wood), Cali is behaving beautifully, trying I’m sure to prove herself to the big race boats that she can do it too! My St. Christopher’s seems to be protecting us. That and my awesome seamanship, courage and skill... and modesty!

Last night was nice, I got all cosy, set all the alarms and watched a DVD, Deep Blue Sea... only joking! It was Human Planet documentary, it was fascinating. Words and my tiny computer screen are not enough. There’s been absolutely zip on the radar all night long, in my humble experience this is quite strange, usually we pass a few tankers or fishermen out here off the shelf. They usually fish round here as the bottom of the sea is now 3000 metres below me, which takes some thinking about!

Again, any updates you have of my comrades will be gladly received.  Who dropped out? Are they ok? A list of the 10 boats ahead and astern would be great, if anyone has time. Alex and I have scheduled a satphone call at noon GMT so looking forward to that immensely.

Bye for now.