Well past half way and still going strong.

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Mon 27 Jun 2011 12:07

45:36.9N 15:55.8W

Dear all,

Firstly, our most humble apologies for the brief transmission delay. We do not know why our last few blogs failed, but we were saying earlier, how hard can it be to type a few select words in a constantly pitching and tossing boat in the middle of the sea, then connect to a satellite modem, send it up via microwaves to outer space, back down again and then put all the wigglyamps and noughts and ones together on the internet for you to enjoy? I mean, how hard can it be?

Anyway, we have, since 2100 last night, been having quite a rough time. The boat is fine, but we suddenly found ourselves beating into a force 6 with rough seas and lashing rain. At first we had far too much headsail out, causing the boat to broach-to and spill us out of our bunks, but I’ve sorted that and now it’s a lot more stable on board. Alex had the long watch last night, I tried to sleep best i could but I have developed terrible toothache, and a splitting headache to boot. I’m also feeling quite queasy. Urgh, even typing queasy makes me feel queasy. Stop typing queasy!!

We have had a few race updates, and we seem to be slipping back to last place... We are a bit sad about this but we are really doing our best, trying to keep Cali going at a decent speed whilst also taking care that we don’t break anything else. Poor Alex is fighting seasickness along with myself so please wish her well. Lisa, please tell your daughter to listen to the captain as she will not take her Hydrobromide tablets.

To add insult to injury we cranked the ol’ iron donkey last night to charge our batteries and along with plumes of acrid smoke, the alternator belt (or fan belt, as Alex likes to call it, ha ha) expired in shreds of rubber. So, off came the cowling, spanners out and a new belt attached. Normally a 5 minuter that, but imagine doing it whilst in a racking and heaving boat. (oh that’s another word, heaving... urghh) Anyway it’s done now with minimum scuffed knuckles and maximum swearing, and our Japanese friend is now chugging away reliably beside me.

To sum up, minor technical difficulties, but Calypso bravely soldiering on in moderate weather, with two tired, slightly poorly but happy sailors aboard. Four days to go.

Oh, one more thing: Ellie, our reporter friend has hinted that Percy’s adventure may make good copy in the Western Morning News, so expect more and more fascinating and over-exaggerated accounts of his daring exploits over the coming days.

Calypso signing off for now, next blog will be tonight.