Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Tue 7 Jun 2011 09:17

46:11.2N 11:18.4W

Took quite a battering in the night, winds F7 sea rough. Managed to keep her ploughing away but eased off a bit now, as broke a car and frayed a genoa sheet. Nightmare trying to fix it at night. Waves constantly washing over deck, there’s a leak next to the mast which i need to sikaflex as soon as the sun comes out and it calms down a bit. Very rough, no sleep. Tired and aching. Gloomy.

Andi, nice to hear from you. keep the emails coming! Mum, thanks for the constant race updates and to Andrew too. Keep the emails coming guys its a lifeline to a weary sailor out here. xx