Day 4, good progress!

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Tue 7 Jun 2011 18:27

45:32.76N 12:17.45W

1822 GMT

Just woken up from a nap, feel a bit better, still groggy though. Wind has abated to a F4 now, about 15 knots from the NW, puts me on a nice reach. I’ve put a reef in both main and fores’l and she’s going well. Made a list (above) before I left and it helps because I’m almost certain to forget one of the things on the list, as is human nature I guess!

I’m very happy with today’s progress, I’ve been making at least 6 knots all day, which, if the weather holds, will make almost 150 miles in one day. Not bad! I’m still a little south of track, will slowly close as the days go on, rather than make a drastic change in course, just to get on track.

I’ve had a few emails with race updates, seems that the best of the boats and skippers in the race (Class 1 of course...) are jockeying for position, I’ve told myself that I don’t care, I’m just going to go as fast as practically possible and see what happens at the finish. I tried calling on the VHF but no response, so no yachts for 15 miles or more.

Thanks for the most recent emails, Kath (I can’t get attachments, sorry) but thanks for the support, Dave, Anne, Toby and Ellen, thank you for your email - Toby, of course we can go sailing again, and I’ll let you steer all the time. Ellen, take care of Austin, ask him if he misses his dad! Mum, didn’t see you abeam Nantes, but in answer to your question, I will sleep whenever I can, night or day doesn’t seem to matter and actually I prefer to sleep during the day, it must be a subconscious thing - I feel safer. Today I’ve had a couple of hours, feel a lot better. Alex, yep I was a bit gloomy this morning but just weather-beaten, you know how it is! Fine now darling. x

Keep the emails coming! Thanks guys x