Day 8 draws to a close.

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Tue 28 Jun 2011 19:29
47:12.75N 12:48.88W
Hi All,
Just a quick blog from us this evening as nothing much has changed, our jammed furler miraculously un-jammed itself this morning, the day long beat into a fairly rough sea must've released what was jamming it, I just hope we can get the sail in when we get to Falmouth, if not those who are watching will see Alex and me jumping on it as we take it down, and probably pulling what has fallen in the sea onto deck! We are unlikely to hit bad weather in the 3 days we have left to go, so it can stay unfurled!
We are reaching along nicely at 5.5 - 6.0 knots, vaguely in the right direction, but there are lots of fair-weather cumulus around and plenty of strong cloud streeting - every time we go through a thermal we go off course! Good weather for a cross country Lisa if you are feeling particularly daring! We'll pick you up if you "land out"!
Alex still feeling a bit queasy, I'm worried that she's not keeping much down, so she's on a forced diet of digestives, mineral water and hydrobromide. She's putting on an admirably brave face, and we are about to settle in and watch a bit of telly.
We are both really looking forward to a flying visit from Malcolm, I have organised all my flags and will "dress ship" when he flies over, get the camera ready!! I am missing a few of the code flags, so a few pairs of boxer shorts and a pink pair of frilly knickers will have to make up the gaps. Unfortunately Alex says I can't use any of her underwear...
We will be south of the Scillies in 2 days time, and our ETA, based on a steady 5 knots is Friday afternoon. However, we are tracking some light airs which should hinder us on the 30th, and the 1st doesn't look much better... If this hits it may be the 2nd before we pull into Pendennis Harbour. Oh well, not a bad time for a little 'un.
Thank you once again for the steady emails that all our family and friends have been sending us, it is a lifeline to us out here in the middle of nowhere, please keep them coming. Also as we conclude this adventure, please remember that we are doing it for a noble cause, any donations, however small can be placed securely on We also take cash! Please dig deep, we are nearly up to £2000 with the internet and cash donations and would love to get that little bit more. If you think we've been brave doing this race, remember that the people who we are supporting are immesurably braver than we two and certainly deserve our help. Visit for more information.
Joe and Alex