5th day evening, just south of the Scillies.

Calypso's Web Diary
Joe Drury
Sun 1 May 2011 20:47

49:47.07N 6:37.71W

Evening to all,

I said that I’d blog you this afternoon, sorry it’s a bit late, Alex and I have had a very long and trying day! The god of wind has seen fit to crap on us from a great height all day, and only now has he (or she) decided to dial the wind round to a sensible notch. We are making slow progress. Also, we came into VHF range with Falmouth CG, 20 or so miles off the Scillies who informed us of easterly gales predicted in the next 24 hours. Aha, Alex said, we’ll just go to Penzance instead! I couldn’t top it as a plan, so if the wind-o hits 33 or more, in we go, and train home. We are just south of the Scillies in slight to moderate swell, F4-5, quite a comfortable ride compared to our approach. Alex is playing monopoly.

We have nearly hit our goal of 500 miles, the log stands at 474 of open water covered. Tasks today were to try and fix the engine cooling problem, and for those who are interested, I’m still having problems with bubbles of air filling up the salt water strainer and causing, over time, an airlock in the pump. Thus no water and no cooling. It is such a maddening problem as it isn’t even the engine’s fault, just quirky plumbing. Alex had a few bright ideas and together we tried to brainstorm it out, but i gave up an hour ago, chucking my spanner. The good news is that we can still use the engine to get into port, in a flat-ish sea no bubbles come and if we had to we could have 5 or so minutes of emergency (if a little hot) power. Tomorrow I’m going to try to change the pump itself for a spare, and if that doesn’t work I shall just run it at full speed whilst chucking buckets of seawater at it. Other tasks included me doing my ninja impression on deck, trying to sneak up on the No3 jib before it hit me in the face (sheet came undone) and general seamanlike tasks like trying to flick a teabag from the galley, out of the aft hatch and into the sea. 50/50 on that one.

Our little friend departed at midday, fully rested after sleeping, head under wing on Alex’s shoulder after making a nest of her hair. It was sweeter than it sounds, until it crapped on her shoulder. Tea today was a stew of sausages, baked beans and corn. And sweets and chocolate, washed down with a diet coke and a Marlboro. What??

So we are waiting for the wind to pick up, if it does (my GRIB files tend to disagree) as to what our next move is regarding destination. Whatever we plan to do, however, we will both be happy with our successful 500nm offshore, and we’ll see you all ashore on Monday evening.

Next blog in the morning, or if Al is bored, 3am.

PS: Message shouted from the port side bunk: M&L is it okay if we come round for a BBQ Wednesday?